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James Upshall pipes are graded by various finishes, i.e. bark, sandblast, black dress and smooth etc. Then by cross grain, flame grain, straight grain and, last but not least, the perfect high grade, which consists of dense straight grain to the bowl and shank. The latter being extremely rare. In addition, the price varies according to group size, i.e. from 3-4-5-6 cm high approximately Extra Large. We also have the Empire Series which are basically the giant size, individually hand crafted pipes which come in all finishes and categories of grain. All our pipes are individually hand carved from the highest quality, naturally dried Greek briar.

In order to simplify our grading system, let me divide our pipes into 4 basic categories.

1. It begins with the Tilshead pipe, which smokes every bit as good as the James Upshall but has a slight imperfection in the briar. In the same category price wise you will find the James Upshall Bark and Sandblast finish pipes, which fill and smoke as well as the high grades.

2. In this category we have the best "root quality" which means that the grain is either cross, flame or straight, which is very much apparent through the transparent differing color finishes. This group will qualify as the "S"- Mahogany Red, "A" - Chestnut Tan and "P" - Walnut. The latter having the straighter grain.

3. Here you have only straight grain, high grade pipes, which run from the "B", "G", "E", "X" and "XX". The latter will be the supreme high grade. Considering the straightness of the grain the latter category is also the rarest. Usually no more than 1% of the production will qualify.

4. Lastly, we have the Empire Series. These are basically Limited Edition gigantic individually hand crafted pieces, which again are extremely rare due to the scarcity of large, superior briar blocks.

We also offer a selection of finely engineered silver and gold banding for pipes. Bands are available in silver, 9ct and 18ct gold, the width can be 6mm or 10mm and they can be fitted flush or on the surface. Bands are finished in plain, engine turned with barley or line patterns and also in gold with large hallmarks. Army mounts and spigot mounts can only be applied to round stemmed pipes.

Please see the shape chart which shows the different shapes available in all group sizes and finishes. Also please look at the size chart to assist in your selection of the right pipe for you.

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